Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gyeongju travel

Not only Kyongju's base as follows proliferates in the urban district, approaches the suburb also when has sees, moreover still carried on the excavation discovery work at present. Kyongju has been listed as world one of ten big ancient capitals, it may be said that does not have fence's historical culture museum. Kyongju's street each corner can see the ancient grave park. And is unearthed the white fox tomb unearthed more than 10000 antiques, have collected by the museum. In the Kyongju everywhere obviously numerous historical sites: The king mausoleum, imperator the grave, the stele, the pond, the pavilion, the alcove, the Chinese zodiac elephant, the 7th century Xinluo empire astronomical observatory which builds with the stone - - gazes star Taiwan, exclaimed in surprise for the tourist, in addition, but also has India temple, rock cave hut, profuse emperor temple tower, five mausoleums as well as scenic sites and so on Pu gate lake amusement area.

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