Saturday, February 20, 2010

British Edinburgh travel

British culture and the ancient city of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, economic and cultural center. Edinburgh is located in the central lowlands of Scotland, the south bank of Fox Bay, where Yishanbangshui beautiful. Mild and humid climate, the annual average temperature of 8 degrees. In addition to windy spring, the summer and fall of trees, flowers in full bloom, ancient palaces, churches and castles dotted the meantime, the rich cultural heritage, is one of Britain's most beautiful cities, known as "Northern Athens," said.
Edinburgh to Princes Street, on the street going up north is a 18th century New Town; Park, eastern and western ends of the Charlotte Square and St Andrew Square, Lu added a touch of the more poetic in Edinburgh, in order to provide the public with excellent leisure place .
Prince Street, south of the medieval old town has maintained a clear style. Well-known ancient castle in the city center area 135 meters above sea level. Carlton hill farmers are exactly like Temple and the Athens Papert Sexi Si temple architecture. Edinburgh, the city's monuments include built in the 12th century church of St. Gilles, built in 1583 the University of Edinburgh, as well as the National Gallery of Scotland, as well as the antiquities museum. In addition, the Royal Scottish Academy and National Gallery, an art gallery a collection of British and European art works of masters, including Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and other works.
Here, everywhere, shady trees, with thick aromatic herbs and blooming flowers. There are many black gray sand with a minaret built in the palaces, churches and castles dotted one. Old City streets in some sections of mosaic pavement of stones, the ancient style of roadside architecture remains. Center through the streets of Edinburgh Castle. There are St. Margaret Church, is the oldest building in Edinburgh, but also the whole of Scotland's oldest church.
Eastbound from the castle out of, that is, the ancient royal family to open up for the Royal Mile, which connects the castle with the Royal Palace, the old houses clustered along the way, depending on the level of undulating terrain, built the old way the essence of Edinburgh to do here. Walk down along the High Street is the old cathedral, the Cathedral followed by the Congress lobby. The end of High Street has two main buildings, one for the old St. Paul's Church, the other is the Yuehannuosi house.
The University of Edinburgh in 1583 the school, is the world's oldest universities. Edinburgh created a number of outstanding talent, a lot of influence with the world's writers, philosophers, economists, historians, scientists were born or lived here, such as Scott Stevenson, Darwin, for desert, etc. , the city stands a monument to them, their former places of residence history of heritage preservation. Summer and autumn each year, to be held in Edinburgh three-week international music and drama festivals. "

Attractions list: Royal Mile, Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle, ho noos Palace, Carlton Hill, Stirling, Glasgow Square, Scott Monument, Edinburgh other attractions.

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