Friday, February 19, 2010

A plateau 900 meters above sea level city

Turkey's capital Ankara, is located in Asia Minor peninsula, north-west Anatolian Plateau is a plateau 900 meters above sea level city in Turkey after Istanbul, the second largest city, but also the national political, economic, cultural, transport and trade The center, known as "the heart of Turkey," said.

Ankara is a historic city, people can be the city's history dates back to ancient times. According to historian's textual and historical records, as early as the 13th century BC, before one called "Hittite" powerful and warlike Indo-European tribes to settle here and build some castles, the establishment of the Hittites Empire, then known as "An kuva", after the umlaut as "Anji La." Today, in Ankara around the ancient castle, still retains many of the remains of the Hittite Empire, while the relics left behind are: the ancient carving, ceramics, brass sculpture, bronze portrait and animal sculpture and other art treasures Fig. The 7th century BC, Phrygian tribes came to Ankara, and to establish their own rule. According to legend, the Phrygian king Medas in Ankara in the vicinity of the hill walk, suddenly found an anchor, so they built a city where it is today in Ankara, in the Indo-European, the "Ankara" meaning "crooked anchor." In the Phrygian dynasty, after a tribe called Galat came to Asia Minor, but also its capital Ankara, was this place called "Cole."

3rd century BC, the Romans occupied Ankara, when the Roman Emperor Arroyo to Ankara of a which means "city" or "capital." Roman Empire, built in Ankara large number of churches, racecourse, public baths and round columns and other buildings, in this period, expanding the urban population increased rapidly, becoming a civilized and beautiful city. From the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, there has been an important political, military and commercial center. Early Westerners have always regarded the city known as "Angola", containing the words "goat" in Italy, the main thing here is world famous for producing goat hair, wool slim and long, shiny and bright, good quality, is a textile, the upper blanket system. 1930 renamed from Ankara, it is because city located in the Sakarya River tributary of the River Ankara.

Historically, the Turkish capital of Ankara is not, but has been in Istanbul. In 1919, young officers Kemal Er Deng launched against imperialist aggression and anti-feudal dynasty ruled by the bourgeois revolution, due to Ankara in an ideal geographical location, transport is also very convenient, then it became the center of the revolution. In 1923 announced the establishment of the Republic, October 13 the Turkish Grand National Assembly decided to Ankara as the October 29 set up capital of the Republic. Officially designated as the capital of Ankara before the city size is not large, only tens of thousands of residents. As the capital, the rapid development of urban construction, urban gradually extended to four weeks, and now has 3.26 million population, has become a modern city. Ankara, the industrial development soon, has become second only to Istanbul, the country's second largest industrial center, with wine, flour, pressing sugar, dairy products, cement, wool, agricultural machinery and other industrial and mining enterprises. Ankara surrounding soil is fertile and agriculture is developed, is one of Turkey's wheat granary. Ankara, rail, road and air routes extend in all directions, is the link to the hub of eastern and western parts of Turkey.

Mountain Linshuei Ankara, Ankara river like a green ribbon from the city next to the quietly flowing through the city buildings and tidy streets wide, lush trees, is a scenic tourist city. Ankara Metro and the old city is divided into two parts. Old City are located in a small hill to Castle as the center, a nostalgic old houses, the streets of the Ottoman Empire style, so that people will naturally think of the city's long history. Around the Old City of east, west and south side of the new city, European-style building with row upon row, the Presidential Palace, the Grand National Assembly, government departments and embassies are concentrated here. Runs through the north-south Ataturk Avenue, the main city streets, Avenue of the nation Square, Victory Square and Crescent Square, are the founders of the Republic stands a statue of Ataturk. These statues, some of the highest in horses, across battlefields, and some proudly upright, staring into the distance, solemn majesty, awe-inspiring. He lay in the street cars, street high-rises, showing faction in people's eyes is the picture of prosperous modern city.

Ankara, a lot of urban attractions, such as Roman columns and Julian Augustus Temple; Byzantine period, castles and cemeteries; Seljuk period, Aladdin, as well as from the Ottoman era mosque in shopping malls and Muhammad Muhammad Bashar Mohamed Course.

Attractions list: Kocatepe Mosque, Turkey, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, art galleries and museums, Ankara City,, Roman baths, ruins,the column.

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