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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Is located in northwestern Europe, east Germany, South adjoin France, the western and northern borders with Belgium. An ocean - the transitional continental climate, the average January temperature of 0.8 ℃, 7 Yue Fen 17.5 ℃; annual average temperature of 9 ℃, annual precipitation is 782.2 millimeters.

BC, here is Gaul's residence. AD 400 years after the German invasion, has become the Frankish Kingdom of Charlemagne as part of the empire. AD 936 ~ 1354, has for the Holy Roman Empire Count Ardennes, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Duke of Earl, and the Dominion. Calendar in the 15th century and 18th century by Spain, France and Austria ruled. 1815 in Vienna and decided for the Grand Duchy of Lu, from the Netherlands part-time King of the Grand Duke, while members of the Alliance for Germany. 1839 London agreement recognizes Lu as an independent country. In 1867 to become neutral. Constitutional monarchy in 1868. 1890, the former Duke of Nassau, Grand Duke Adolf Lu became completely out of the Netherlands the king's rule. In the two world wars were the German invasion. In 1948 to abandon a policy of neutrality to join NATO in 1949, with France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, compared together, in 1952, creating the European Coal and Steel Community, in 1958 created the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community.

Luxembourg economy is highly developed, it is 80% of the production for export.'s Foreign trade exports mainly iron and steel, imports are mainly raw materials for steel production, machinery and equipment, food, feed and consumer goods. China's main imports from Luxembourg metallurgical industrial equipment, steel and machinery; to Luxembourg's main export products are light industrial products and handicrafts.

Luxembourg's Grand Park is a rich and peaceful country. Beautiful countryside in fields dotted with feudal castles, deep river valleys and dark green wine town of Xiaoshan. Luxembourg tourist places most worthy of the natural is the capital of Luxembourg City, the city built on Europe's most dramatic location on a plateau cut into the cliffs impartially ALZETTE VALLEY magnificent valleys, hanging Juegu on the suspension bridge to connect the old and new city. Kasimeite Point and Alme Square is the focus of the visit.

Cardiff suspension bridge Pont Adolphe Adam
It marked one of the city of Luxembourg, the bridge across the gorge, it is spectacular, from the train station to cross the road along the AUENUE LIBERTE walk 10 minutes to.
Luxembourg Castle Casemates Bock
Castle is the most history, the history of Luxembourg objects situated in the urban East, about 20 minutes walk from the train station. The castle there are over more than 20 kilometers of underground tunnel network, from a hard rock chiselling, works quite difficult.
Women's Notre Dame Cathedral
Women's church was built in the 17th century, prior to this Renaissance-style architecture, and not as a church, but as religious schools. Expansion project in 1935, after three spire was added to the hat to become the Lady Chapel. The church also known as the Son of Our Lady Church, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

City Council Building, Hotel de Ville
City Council Building, completed in 1838, do not understand French tourists from the signs of view will be mistaken for a resort hotel, but actually this place is only receiving foreign heads of state-level figures, national and Europe, and even some big celebration will be held at the here.

Wilhelm Square
Wilhelm II Wilhelm Square is named after the equestrian statue of King, the King was not only king of Holland, while part-time Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Constitution Square, Palace de la Constitution
Constitution Square is a monument to the heroes for completion in 1923. Was to commemorate the soldiers killed during the First World War, and in the rebuilding after the destruction of World War II, it has a double significance. Monument, 12 meters high above the Goddess of Victory from local artists such as Klaus's hands.

Luxembourg was the strongest of the last century fortress castle, still has many relics of the past left behind. The whole city is connected by 110 bridges, while the bridge is below the Grand Canyon.

Grand Duchess Charlotte as challot
Grand Duchess Charlotte enjoy 90 for senior citizens, the rule of Luxembourg also reached the last 50 years. Experienced the suffering of World War I and World War II, she is unyielding, and lead people to carry out the arduous struggle. People love to her not only reflected in Leonard's face on the statue also the base of a row of statues French: We love you.

The Grand Hall GRAND DUCAL
Luxembourg is the capital of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where the big mansion on in this historic city center has become the most city buildings have ornamental value. Founded in 1572 and lasted two years short of this Spanish Renaissance-style appearance. 18 century, it has been widened on one side, it was changed to the Grand Duke home. So far, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg's most respected families living inside.

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