Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Zealand,Last Utopia

New Zealand is known as "the southern hemisphere, Switzerland," "The Last Utopia," "Voyage to Paradise" in the world. About a thousand years ago the Maori sailed from the Pacific Islands, crossed the sea, to ride back to settle. It also laid the Maori nation unique style of cultural life, today still referred to as the earth Maori subjects, shows that Maori in New Zealand share some components. About two hundred years before the Europeans began to settle here, bringing new technology, information and system. Nearly five decades, have come from around the world nation, rich New Zealand culture. New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy. New Zealand head of state Queen Elizabeth II Her Majesty. New Zealand has a democratic parliamentary system of government. A parliamentary election every three years. Parliamentary control of public property and the enactment of laws. The Governor is the Queen's representative in New Zealand. The Governor has the Queen of New Zealand boards have all the powers. Although the Governor is in the process of operation of the Government an important role, but the Governor is politically neutral and not involved in the election process. New Zealand Government led by Prime Minister. New Zealand's rich resources, known as "gourmet paradise reputation." Especially of Maori traditional stone pot (Hangi), the thin stone Hongre, into the hole, then wrap a good food into boiling water, unique flavor. New Zealand is the first to suet (Lanolin) dike Tempered skincare country. This suet skincare moisture on the skin of great roles come to New Zealand visitors must buy a thing. In New Zealand, you can also whale watching, fishing, enjoy a unique Maori style. Attractions list: Christchurch, Auckland, Rotorua, Queenstown, rainbow trout parks, Tekapo, geothermal area, Victoria Square, Hagley Park, Huka Falls, Mount Cook National Park, Maori Cultural Village , Lake Taupo, Avon River, Firefly holes, Bridge of Remembrance, Wanaka Lake, Cathedral Square, Botanical Garden, Bay Bridge, Eden Hill, loved Gordon Farm, Paradise Valley Trout Park.

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