Saturday, February 20, 2010

South Korean snow Yue Shan travel

The snow mountain mountain located at east coast northmost part Jiangyuandao, the sea dials 1708 meter high. Beforehand snow Yue Shan is also called the snowy mountain or the Xuefang. What this name refers to is in the world the high point meaning. The snow mountain is the translation for the Chinese character name. Is assigned in 1970 by the South Korean Government is the country park, moreover, because snow Yue Shan holds 500 many kinds of wild animals and more than 1000 kind of unusual plants, is assigned by UNESCO is “the South Korean only plant preserves the area”. Snow Yue Shan is one of Han peninsula backbone taibai mountains arteries prominent peaks. In the snow mountain mountain divides into outside the snow mountain the snow mountain two parts, take high point Qingfeng (178 meters) as the center, spreads Bouch Shanguai the stone to be situated the sea to dial 1200 meter high sky waterfalls and the Thousand Buddhas Cave ravine becomes the world scenery, the scenery is certainly enchanting. In addition, as soon as the snow mountain mountainous area has many are worth the scenic spot which looks, the god being popular the temple, the five colors liquid medicines, the stirrup range, the loud waterfall, lying feudal official Taiwan, flies Sendai, five year old of turtle, power Jin Cheng and so on.

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