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Chicago,The United States the largest industrial center

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, the Great Lakes region's largest industrial center. Is located in northeastern Illinois, southern Michigan, Kosai. An area of 590.5 square kilometers, population of 2.784 million (1990), in which blacks account for about 40%. 6 by the Cook and other large urban counties, which include a number of satellite towns and the surrounding Northwest Indiana Zhucheng Binhu region, an area of 12,061.6 square kilometers. Chicago as the center of the 480 km radius, the concentration of nearly 20% of the population.

Cities along the lakeside plains to the west, north, south to start flat terrain. Mild and humid climate. January average temperature of -4.3 ℃, 7 monthly mean temperature of 23.7 ℃, annual precipitation is 875 milli-wood. Sheng perennial of north-easterly winds from Michigan, the "Windy City," said.

1804 in Chicago, founded a permanent settlement along the river mouth. In the fur trading post in 1833 based on the town. In 1837 a city. The mid-19th century onwards, communication, five Mississippi River region and the tide of Illinois - Michigan Canal, built in the Central Pacific transcontinental railroad, also have accessible, promote the city's commercial and industrial development. Early 20th century, the Midwest is the largest U.S. grain and meat, milk producing areas, the Great Lakes region of coal and iron resources development, so that the Chicago quickly became the largest city in the Midwest and transportation, industrial centers, commercial and financial sectors also become more prosperous. In Chicago in the international labor movement has a glorious history, is an international, "51" Labor Day (1886) and "38" Women's Day (1909) originated.

Complete the industrial sector, dominated by heavy industry, light industry is also very developed. The country's largest industrial base of steel and meat processing, agricultural machinery, transport machinery, chemical, petrochemical, electrical, aircraft engines, and printing are also leading position nationwide, as well as wood processing, paper making, electronics, textiles, clothing , flour and other industrial sectors. Industry is mainly distributed in the Chicago North and canals on both sides of Henan Province, of which nearly Loup City Center Industrial Park plant density of large, important light industrial area; of Calumet City, South Industrial Zone, many large-scale enterprises, is dominated by the steel heavy industry area in the satellite city of Gary had the nation's largest steel company. Commercial, financial industry flourished. The city has a huge grain and livestock markets. Trading Company Makes Efforts to Improve the famous company is the nation's largest retail enterprise; wholesale and retail sales among the best in the country and is the world's leading mail-order center. Financial institutions in the United States Seventh Reserve District Bank and the Midwest Stock Exchange, which is the country's second largest securities market. Tourism is also very developed.
Chicago is the largest railway hub in north-central United States more than 30 railway lines of the assembly points, total length of urban railway lines (more than 12.4 thousand kilometers) and the annual traffic volume (5.12 million tons) ranking of the world's major cities first. Road traffic developed, 12 highways after this, is the center of the state highway system. In addition, the Great Lakes region is an important lake port, the vessel via the Erie Canal - Hudson River or the St. Lawrence River to the sea, the city has three major airports, including O'Hare International Airport in the northwest city of the United States largest and most passenger a busy airport, the annual passenger traffic up to 3000-4000 million.

Chicago City Center is located in the Chicago Loop Chicago River estuary, for the most prosperous business district. An area of only 1% of the city, but focus on the city of about 1 / 6 employees. Chicago Street was square mesh distribution, the style of a modern high-rise buildings of varying intensity. 443 meters high, 110-story Sears Tower as the tallest buildings in the United States is the Sears' Roebuck location; followed by 346 meters high, 80-story Standard Oil Building and 343.5 meters high, 100-story Hancock Center Building, as well as towers Square Building, First National Bank Building, and so on. In the Chicago Loop west end, the Chicago River is divided into North and South 2. Between the north branch of the North and Lake Michigan, the environment beautiful, high class residential, multi-colored cultural and recreational facilities; South Branch and the Southern District between Lake Michigan and South, between the north tributary of the West, mainly industrial area, blacks lived, multi-low-standard housing. Chicago's city parks, green spaces large, covering nearly 5,000 hectares, Binhu the "green" as the people's main recreation sites, the Chicago suburbs there are large tracts of forest protected areas.

Here is also a major U.S. cultural and educational centers. Large urban areas, 95 colleges and universities, built in 1891, the University of Chicago, an international reputation, the school's Oriental Institute and the museum's collection of art known as the East; there is the University of Illinois, Illinois Institute of Technology, Northwestern University and other well-known institutions. Other important cultural facilities in College of Art, Museum of Art, Museum of Science and Industry, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, the historical associations. Stands in the center of the city's ancient water tower is the city of Chicago after the fire in 1871 the surviving historical relics.

Suburban Chicago, and every household a villa-style house nestled in the shadow among the flowers and trees, quiet elegance. If you're on the highway bound for Chicago from the city, head threw herself into your eyes first and foremost is the wide variety of high-rise building. It is said that students in any school building, teachers will take them to the city center to visit, study these different styles of buildings.

Chicago's downtown side, and the scenic Lake Michigan beach, one side is the bustling commercial center and modern office buildings. There was once the world's tallest building Sears Tower; There are many famous museums, Museum of Art, Science Museum, Aquarium and nature museum; There is also the largest U.S. telecommunications building and the world's busiest airport. Every year at least 800 million people travel from around the world come to Chicago. Can be seen just how active Chicago is a city.

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