Saturday, February 20, 2010

Macao black sand beach travel

The black sand beach is the natural beach, is Macao famous natural sea bathing place. The bay assumes the meniscus, the slope is gentle, the beach surface is broad. The nearby has pineries, green cover; Side constructs the broad parking lot, the bus stop and the various types small food shop. The black sand's characteristic lies in swarthily, the young slippery fine sand, the beach therefore acquires fame. It is said that the black fine sand is because the sea specific environment forms black inferior native ore glauconite result. [glauconite] the ocean current influence, is transported to the near bank, passes through the storm to carry the beach again, causes the original pure white bright white sand beach, turns the enchanting mystical black sand beach. On holiday weekend and midsummer season, black sand beach tourist like crucian carp, lively very. Nearby the beach entrance is the black sand park.

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