Monday, February 22, 2010

Americans are the happiest days of the year flies

365 days a year and more people want to be happy every day. But the reality of human happiness can not be every day, nor can it not be faster every day. The poor poor happy law, no money can be poor and happy, the rich are rich, happy feeling, not bad money does not necessarily mean that happy every day. Children are looking forward to Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year joy, little sad, if ever have to come, the same as the Chinese New Year, it can be described as a happy 啦 every day.

In the survey, 47% of the U.S. public believe that the child had a very happy life, but also less stress and worry, 12% of people said the pressure of living large and is not happy. Americans feel most happy with the holiday on the day, more than Liucheng of Americans believe that there are eight days a year is the happiest day of joy in these days and there is no stress in their lives. 64% of Americans on this day the happiest man-made Easter, while other Americans believe that the happiest day of Christmas, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, National Day, New Year, Father's Day, Colombia prior to Sunday. The United States, these statutory holidays and weekends are often connected, also known as a long weekend, many Americans will be traveling through the long weekend the whole family young and old, to enjoy a happy family life.

Have a happy day, of course there will be an unhappy day in 2009, Americans believe that the most unhappy and stressful day, including: the economic stimulus bill passed by Congress the same day, Congress passed the economic stimulus bill the next day, the Dow Jones stock closed record 12-year low that day, the King of Pop Jackson memorial service that day, CIT Group, declared bankruptcy, Barack Obama denounced the Wall Street that day, the day of Obama's address to Congress, General Motors CEO to resign.

The joy of modern life is not happy with the pressure on the relationship, and the pressure exerted by the people and the work has a direct relationship. Chinese Medical Association and other units "issued by the White Paper on China's urban white-collar health," points out that China's urban white-collar workers, nearly six as in a fatigue state, 35 to 50-year-old high-income groups, an average of aging earlier than the actual age of 10 years, the health situation is significantly decline. The fatigue of the white-collar workers, there are eight irregular sleep, eating into the day, feeling tired; 23.7% can not guarantee that breakfast; more than 1 / 5 regularly eat fast food, can not guarantee that intake of fruits and vegetables; Chao Guo 54.4% lack of sleep, while 32.4% poor quality of sleep; only 46% of the occasional sports. In addition, more than half feel annoyed, 20% psychological loneliness, more than 7 as the lack of happiness and satisfaction.
Accelerated pace of modern life, more and more intense competition in the workplace, people in their lives will be strongly felt in the work pressure. According to research institutions and the poll's findings, 40% of salary earners in the United States believe that they work a lot of pressure, 25% of the working-class believe that the working pressure is the greatest pressure in their lives. Three-quarters of working-class that they suffer more than the previous generation of the working pressure, 29% of the working-class that they feel the work pressure. Work pressure on the people most affected are the negative effects caused by physical and mental health, financial and family issues than on human health effects are great.

The United States, a poll showed that 80% of the respondents said that feeling the pressure of work, half of the respondents said it needed to be helped to understand how to relieve work pressure. About 25% of the respondents said that work pressure is almost make them crazy, 10% of the respondents believed that the pressure of work make people become more violent, while 18% of the respondents felt in their work colleagues because of Working pressure shown violent tendencies.

Pressure on the medical profession once made the United States deemed to affect the health of Americans, the first element, three-quarters of Americans said that at least one day a week will feel tremendous pressure, one-third of Americans said that within two weeks at least one day will feel tremendous pressure. Approximately 75-90% to the doctor and seek treatment for emerging health problems of patients with stress-related, work pressure is an adult (excluding students) the most important pressure.

The pressure on modern man is more common than their predecessors, more durable and more likely to cause harm, because such harm is mainly for psychological rather than physical. Pressure will intensify people's sympathetic nervous system activity and the release of more stress-related hormones. A number of ongoing long pressure, such as loneliness, poverty, family death, depression, frustration and so would weaken the body's immune system, the pressure will also affect other hormones in the body, such as the transmission of brain hormone, prostaglandin, etc..
The latest research shows that, for wage earners, the working pressure will diminish after the age of 55, of course, a person as long as one day, he still faces more or less pressure of work and has been continued until a person's retirement.

The researchers said they can not tell in the face of pressure at work, what is the special health approach. However, they mentioned several ways, such as "direct protest," "immediately communicate with each other," "immediately shouted to each other," and "In the aftermath such as communicate with each other."

A Swedish study found that, for that work, subjected to unfair treatment of men, and vent out of a bad mood, compared to forbear who suffered a heart attack and even lead to the death of up to four times more likely to higher. In other words, the work under the pressure to vent out some sort of channels or methods beneficial to the body only, but it will definitely be stuffy stuffy in which goes out ill.

Stockholm University conducted a survey to track the 2755 heart disease not previously committed career men, at the end of the study, 47 participants had a heart attack, some people even died of heart disease, many of whom work in the forbear injustice has taken the attitude.

Research, said: "Taking into account the age, socio-economic, risk behavior, work stress and biological risks, and many other factors, we found that myocardial infarction, or heart disease is closely related to death and forbear." Forbear the so-called modalities, including when the feeling of being mistreatment of colleagues or superiors, the "say nothing to make things in the past" or "go away." And to take some form of release of stress compared to forbear who had a higher risk of heart disease to four times higher.

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