Saturday, February 20, 2010

Macao Central library travel

 Organizes in 1895, the old name for the Macao Public library, presently names as the Macao Central library, this year is this hall establishes the 100th anniversary commemoration. its predecessor may trace constructs early in 1873 Macao library, this is a mass organization nature organization, is for the purpose of establishing a privately established library to collect the domestic and foreign books. on July 27, 1893, adopted an item of Macao culture plan in Portugal, decided that organizes Macao state-run advantage night middle school and the state-run library, this library later then changes name as the Macao Public library. the Macao advantage night middle school approximately organizes in 1894, but Macao library is one year later, namely in 1895 nine months on 25th establishes.

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