Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japanese Yokohama travel

Yokohama is a small fishing village originally, in 1859 founded a country as Japan opens a port first, develops into the world the very few international commercial harbor, the only more than 140 years population achieved 3,400,000, has become the Japanese second big city.    Yokohama is one of Japanese biggest harbors, is also the world third big port. Yokohama northern side Tokyo the approximately 20 kilometers place, its west side is the Japanese famous Mt. Fuji and the tourist attraction Hakone. Yokohama port take the Japanese economy most developed Guandong area as a center, is known as “the Tokyo outer harbor” the name, the population 2,770,000. the Yokohama divides is 14 administrative areas, the central area and west the area is a town center, has each kind of store, the Department store, the movie theater and the bank and so on, the Yeze room and the Gao Island two big Department stores is situated on this avenue. Motomachi is Yokohama another crowded downtown area, its south side Chinese street is the overseas Chinese community. Shan Shouding is the European and American substandard people's community. Yokohama's scenic spot and historic resort have three brook gardens, Iraqi potential Shan Huangshen the palace, great Ming Si, the Kanazawa library and so on, especially three brook garden's scenery is best. Yokohama scenic spot tabulation: Yokohama symbol tower building, under the Japanese pill number, the mountain the seashore park, the Chinese street, Yokohama universe world paradise, new Yokohama mediate the museum, Yokohama JOYPOLIS, Yokohama bay shore bridge, the cocktail bar, the fire traffic lane.

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