Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thai Chiang Mai travel

Chiang Mai, known for "Beauty and the Rose" is known world, handicrafts and famous country and exported to foreign countries, in northern Thailand the political, economic, cultural and educational center as well as Thailand's second largest city. 700 kilometers from Bangkok, is located 300 meters above sea level plateau basin, surrounded by hills, this pristine riparian flows through urban areas, cool climate and lush trees, flowers are blooming, charming scenery and heritage, commerce and prosperity, and the people honest, and convenient transportation , facilities, a famous summer resort in Southeast Asia, every year millions of tourist-friendly.
Chiang Mai is Thailand's ancient capital, the famous historical and cultural city, built in 1296. As the capital of Lanna Kingdom until 1556, has been Thailand's religious, cultural and commercial center, most of which it is preserved City Wall. Four corners of the gate, flowing around the city moat, northern Thai-style wooden structure tall buildings, are vivid. Experience on behalf of the expansion, now in Chiang Mai city area has reached 40 square kilometers, with a total area of 20,107 square kilometers and population of 1.5 million people, is divided into 22 administrative districts district. City Thai, Chinese, Miao, Yao, Akkadian, Lisu, Karen, and many other nationalities live in harmony, the residents generally believe in Buddhism.
Antique temples in Chiang Mai city hall, and the new white building with scattered white, rich colors in northern Thailand. Of ancient historical and cultural sites throughout the city, modern homes, villas, commercial buildings everywhere, a busy, bustling, with unique scenery, bustling exception. Chiang Mai in northern Thailand area is a concentration of art and buildings to retain a large number of cultural relics, is a city of pagoda temples. There are various pagodas and temples in the city nearly a hundred seats, the famous Chiang Mai University, College of Agriculture dense columns, embellished with the Northwest Institute of Technology.
Chiang Mai old city gate in the vicinity evident that for many old Buddhist temples and colored monuments. Closest to the urban area worth visiting is that dominating peaks of the temple and the King of Thailand Ssangyong summer palace. Chiang Mai is also worth glancing at the museum, the museum collection with a large number of artifacts, can be traced back to Meng Lai King, Sukhothai era.
Main attractions list: Placin Temple, Wu Meng Temple, Orchid Garden, Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai National Museum, the old Chiang Mai, Sonda Temple, Chiang Mai city walls and gates, Miao Village, Ssangyong Temple .

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