Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thai Phuket travel

Thailand's largest islands, the Andaman Sea "pearls" in Phuket, Southeast Asia representative of the resort. First of all its charm lies in its beautiful sea, the island's west coast is on the Andaman Sea, where the young over the original white sandy beaches, each beach has its own advantages and charm, under sunny, large and small beach flashing the Andaman Sea lapping of waves. Fascinating beaches and a hotel waiting for the blocks of hotel visitors from around the world.
Here the beach type of rich, there are quiet relaxed beaches, there are luxurious feel, like a private resort beaches, a water sports popular beaches, as well as evening entertainment varied beaches. Consequently, the tourist, whether a single go, or go hand in hand, can play beautiful in Phuket.
In fact, Phuket's charm is not only the beach. As the "Phuket" means the same as (Malay: the hills), the island has a lot of mountains. Visitors can take a taxi on the island and the motorcycle adventure, you can also take a boat diving and the sea. In short, only in Phuket, tourists can enjoy in any other seaside resort not enjoy the happiness, which is Thailand's Phuket.
In recent years, as the islands continue to develop in the direction towards the High resort island residents involved in the tourism industry is gradually increasing. However, if visitors to the north of the island to go, you can see the vast pineapple fields and rubber plantations; In addition, visitors can see in the city retains a colonial-style home construction.
Phuket Island is a paradise in southern Thailand, Xing Zhuangsi an oval pearl, which is the smallest of Tainan in southern Thailand, Bangkok, 862 kilometers from the capital, is the only province in Thailand jurisdiction jurisdictions around the island, covering a total of 543 square kilometers from north to south is 48 kilometers long from east to west, 21 kilometers wide, covering an area roughly similar to Singapore, is Thailand's largest island. The main island terrain is rolling hills, dotted with basins during the period, and there are 39 islands.
She was surrounded by the warmth of the Andaman Sea waters, beautiful beaches, strangely shaped island, stalactite-hole, natural caves and other natural landscape, coupled with the clear blue coastal waters, beautiful underwater world, will add up to these natural conditions, So, to Phuket Island, known as the "tropical paradise" is not an exaggeration.
Since the connecting Phuket and Thailand to further facilitate the traffic between the inland, the tourism sector even in 1970, began to rise, in a short period of time, relying on Phuket will be proud of resources to develop as Asia's best-known tourist one of the key.
If you want to arrive here by land, the way, you can pass through a length of 660 meters Sarasin (Sarasin Bridge), will be able to set foot on Phuket Island, the road leading to the city, you can fully enjoy the island belongs to climate-specific relaxed and laid-back, suddenly looking to verdant forests, suddenly the face of the French Riviera.
List of major attractions: PP Island, gibbon center, Krabi, Karon Beach, Magic Kingdom, Patong Beach, Phang Nga Bay, Phuket Dream Park, 007 Island, immortal Peninsula.

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