Thursday, February 18, 2010

Washington,America's political center

Washington is a strong political flavor of the city. Here is the American political center, the supreme legislative, executive and the judiciary are all here. From the city's main attractions can also be deeply impressed by the strong political atmosphere. Where all institutions, including the White House, the Capitol are open to the general visitors. Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and the Kennedy Arts Center, the American people to express those in the United States has made an outstanding contribution to the history of the president's deeply missed. In addition, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Korean war Veterans Memorial, is the American people to war, a symbol of deep self-examination so far, come to reflect upon the suffering people are doing it.

Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, is located between the surrounding hills. Range and District of Columbia the same as the urban area of 174 square kilometers, population 578,000, where blacks account for about 70%. Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area also includes the two counties of Maryland, Virginia, four counties and Fairfax, Falls Church, Alexandria, three cities and towns, population 3.2 million. The urban area in the Potomac River and the confluence of the northeastern coast of anacostia river, flat, with an average altitude of about 22 meters, only a gentle ups and downs of the northwest corner of Highland. Climate winter cold, summer hot and humid throughout the year. The annual average temperature 12.6 ℃, 7 Yue 20-31 ℃, 1 Yue 3-6 ℃, annual average precipitation is 1068 millimeters, seasonal distribution is uniform.

Washington, DC to commemorate the first U.S. president in Washington and named. Here the United States focused on important sectors of state organs, such as the federal government the highest state organ presidential palace, parliament, the State Council, Ministry of National Defense, is the highest U.S. command centers, and political and cultural activity center. Between the Capitol and the White House "Federal Triangle" buildings, including the federal government ministries, agencies and the National Gallery, the National Archives, the Pan American Union, the Smithsonian's National Museum and the Federal Reserve Building, and so on. Capitol east to the Supreme Court building, near the Library of Congress, second only to Moscow's Lenin Library of the world's second largest museum, adjacent to the library with possession of a Shakespearean of Shakespeare's works and the research literature and the world-famous. Department of Defense is located in the Pentagon where the south bank of the Potomac Hexi. Washington Metropolitan Area rectangular area of 178 square kilometers. To the Capitol as the center, is divided into the southeast, northeast, northwest, southwest of four districts. North-south streets Arabic character name, and east-west streets named after the English alphabet, 13 oblique Avenue, the United States named after the first 13 states. Northwest District is the heart of Washington, the most important government buildings and monuments, museums. As the main commercial district north of Pennsylvania Avenue. Massachusetts Avenue, stretching north portion of the embassy district.

Washington is the rare countries in the world based solely on the government's administrative functions of a modern city. Financial income is mainly dependent on government service and the company's business activities, followed by the tourism industry. Manufacturing accounts for only a small part of the economic structure. The federal government to prohibit industrial development in the city.Washington, DC to commemorate the city there are hundreds of buildings, monuments, statues and so on, with most of the past presidents. In the urban areas west of the Potomac River east of the Green Belt, there is the history of three President's memorial: Washington Monument facing the Potomac River Park for the white marble obelisk, 169 meters high, overlooking the city scenery. Along the river is the famous Japanese cherry forest; Monument Lincoln Memorial in the west, to ancient Greek architecture, church outside the 36 white marble columns, symbolizing the country was composed of 36 states; Lincoln seated inside; Monument south of There, President Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Church of the equestrian statue of him outside. Was built in 1971, John F. Kennedy Center, and include a modern theater, concert halls, opera, symphony and ballet theaters hospital.

Washington Multi-parks, boulevards and grass square. Rock Park is the largest, covers an area of 710 hectares, in the northwest urban area. Well-known universities have built in 1789, Georgetown University, and George Washington University, American University and Howard University and other special, which is the country's largest black students dominated university.

The completion of the 20th century, 60 years long 158 kilometers of the city "railway transportation system." Including the Mass Transit Railway and the ground rail, accessibility throughout the city and suburbs. The largest railway station "federal station" is located in the northeast Capitol. There Washington, Dulles and Baltimore Washington International Airport and three passengers, including the Washington National Airport is the busiest airport in the United States.

Every December, the streets full of Christmas atmosphere in Washington, the White House before the oval-shaped Plaza and Capitol Square, decorated with two large Christmas trees, surrounded by side by side with 50 state name written on the trees or reindeer hut. White House Christmas tree is also decorated great beauty, no less than the square of the Christmas tree, when the time as long as the queue, you can enter the tour.

Attractions list: the White House, the Capitol, the National Museum of Natural History, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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