Saturday, February 20, 2010

Indian New Delhi travel

2 hours old and new city of Delhi, in the middle separated by a Delhi Gate, and to the famous ramlila grounds bounded by the square south of New Delhi, the square north of Old Delhi. New Delhi, India's capital.
On "Delhi" one of the origin, there are many different versions. Some scholars believe that Delhi is based on a Phoenician king, "Drew" evolved from the name, it is "Drew" variable tone; while scholars believe that the 10th century BC, the city Take Indra * po rust is known, and established a number of iron posts, because pillar is enacted, unstable, even after being reinforced, but still relaxed is not strong, "not prison, "Hindi read as" ladder, "and thus, the city will be to" ladder-ri " named.
In fact, the Old Delhi and New Delhi are now fully linked, the capital of the Indian people talk about when they are usually called "Delhi" rather than "New Delhi." So, saying the Indian capital as "Delhi" seems more realistic. Delhi in India jumna tributary of the Ganges River, in this land has historically been the city of Delhi has appeared seven. Legend of the first one in Delhi called "Indra plast", meaning "house of God Indra," is epic "Mahabharata" was built in the hero.
The 8th century, the city of princely states women Qu Di-li rebuild this city, because the ancient relive to war endlessly, Delhi, the rise and fall several times, have suffered a lot. 12 end of the century Muslim conquest of India began here outside its capital. Mid-17th century Mughal emperor Shah Khan, the fifth generation of moving the capital from Agra to this, with 10 years built the city of Delhi the last one 7. Mid-19th century, the British annexation of India, the capital of British India moved to Calcutta. 1911, Delhi was again declared as its capital. Immediately outside the south-west Delhi, a town and the start of construction was completed in 1931, which is New Delhi. January 26, 1950, after independence, India has announced the establishment of the Republic of India, New Delhi, its capital.
Today, Delhi is India's political, economic and cultural center and an important transportation hub. It covers an area of 1485 square kilometers, the population in 1991 to 8.38 million, by 1997, an estimated 900 million or more. Delhi is India's heart, where you can feel the pulse of the entire country to run. At the same time, it is also a mirror can not only see the glorious history of India can also be reflected in the figures of modern India. Old Delhi, New Delhi, closely linked to the ancient and modern sparkling mix to form a fascinating historical picture.

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