Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japanese Okinawa travel

Okinawa is located between China Taiwan and Kyushu, from more than 60 islands. The main island of Okinawa is one thing narrow, north to south island. Okinawa is an ancient country called the Ryukyu Kingdom. The beginning of the 15th century, Pakistan Zhi Wang unified Okinawa, by the Ming Dynasty Cixing yet to start building Shuri Castle. Ryukyu kings are in the form of tribute to conduct trade with both China and Japan. Ryukyu States in the late 15th century when the most powerful and prosperous. At that time the king is still true king devout Buddhist, to prohibit civilian possession of weapons, committed to the development of trade and cultural renewal. Fang Jue Temple in Nara yuan yuan li feel the establishment of the first Temple, as the royal cemetery. As a symbol of Okinawa Shurei door, is the next generation of Shang-qing Wang era built. 1609 Satsuma army attacked and took control of the Ryukyu Kingdom, in order to continue to receive trade benefits, is apparently still the Ryukyu as an independent country, allowed to continue trading with China. Okinawa, Japan in 1879 into the territory, located in Okinawa Prefecture.
Okinawa because of its important strategic position, post-World War II, the U.S. and Japanese fierce fighting areas. After World War II became a U.S. military base, has been a long-term occupation. Even now, land is still occupied by U.S. bases in Okinawa, an area of up to 20%.
Okinawa in the subtropical region, the annual average temperature of 20-24 degrees. Winters are mild. With this warm weather conditions, Okinawa, the main sugar cane and tropical and subtropical fruits. Okinawa has a shining light sapphire sea, white sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs, a variety of subtropical plants and sub-tropical scenery, as well as the ancient cultural traditions and cultural heritage. Is a tourist destination.
Naha, capital of Shuri Castle near the fighting had destroyed the war, the post-war restoration in 1986 has been restored majestic past. The first block inside the palace, west to east, the North Hall is to receive the Chinese envoys and local government office, South Hall is the host Satsuma officials place. Okinawa, Ryukyu classical dance is said to be dynasty and created for the reception of Chinese envoys. Okinawa is the home of karate, karate is a combination of characteristics of Chinese martial arts, created a fighting technique, first known as "Tang hand."
Now the island of Okinawa traditional culture and modern civilization, the East and has become the desire of the tourist places around the tourists, there are many natural attractions and beautiful scenery.
From Tokyo by plane to go two and a half hours can be. To go by boat from the Kagoshima required 18 hours. Okinawa, the island has many historical monuments, as well as enjoy the natural beauty of the green water, coral reefs and subtropical plants.

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