Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Maldives travels the introduction

When the planes of the Maldives, it can clearly saw 19 major atolls, was long and narrow shaped like flower petals around the island. So apt to describe, for the Republic of Maldives floating down the islands in the Indian Ocean 1190, made the most freehand representation.

The Maldives is an island nation in South Asia, Indian Ocean, extending 764 km north-south, east to west width of 128 km, only 220 islands are inhabited, the rest are mostly uninhabited island. Geothermal low-lying, with an average elevation of 1.2 m, the highest point is also just 6 meters from the sea. A tropical monsoon climate in most parts of south tropical rain forest climate. No rivers, groundwater rich, dug wells for water.

Maldives Tourism is not seasonal, from 1972, established the first one after the holiday island, after another 60 resort islands being developed.

Maldives, South Pacific style unique tourism resources, look around, white sandy beaches, and islands, derived from the temptation, are exquisite beautiful scenery, all kinds of wonderful exciting water activities must have both for each trip to the Maldives tourists piled up more and more joy and memories.

To a world without the city, no roads, no high-rise island, put aside all of the phones, computers and televisions, away from the earthly cumbersome, immersed in the original sun, sand, sea world. Bright sunshine and warm, blue-green crystal clear water, clear-white sand in a dream world. In the absence of the beach, wading walk, the sun gently sprinkled on the body, cool water at the foot of light ripples, small crabs on the beach trot rampant, and the fish swim into the shallows afraid of strangers. All that constitutes the Indian Ocean, a fairy-tale beautiful country - Maldives.

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