Tuesday, February 23, 2010

U.S. anti-vice police how to catch prostitutes

A girl came to the U.S. mainland China less than a year, do not understand English, had no choice but to Los Angeles to a concentration of ethnic Chinese living as a masseur in a massage. One day, a guest in the massage during the course of her Maoshoumaojiao that a lot of English, who did not understand a woman is stupefied, not knowing what the customers want in the end. Since the mouth did not understand, on the trial bar hand gestures. Later, several police officers rushed in, these girls were arrested and accused her of their agreement to provide sexual services, the original person who asked her to massage the police, to the massage come to fish.

Although pornography is not a vice-related crimes in the United States on charges of non-big, but the woman felt quite innocent. She insisted in court he did not have sex with the guests refused to plead guilty, and later in the jury during the trial, fishing, the police insisted that the woman in the massage process agreed to 40 dollars as a tip to provide additional sexual services. Results 12 jurors found the woman convicted, the woman was sentenced to imprisonment for 30 days.

This is a police officer in law enforcement in the fishing story, fishing withhold that right, first to talk about the United States the delicate relationship between the police and the prostitutes. In addition to Nevada, the United States, the rest of the states is strictly prohibited open prostitution, prostitutes, so many of the sex industry in the United States who are commercial sex workers. In this case, the police anti-vice really a bit difficult, if not the judge issued the search warrant, the police can not enter private property to search, but to get the judge's search warrant, you must submit sufficient evidence. But it's difficult in this evidence, so have the police to catch Miss this kind of situation. In turn, play a policewoman obstruction girl, tertiary grasp clients fishing methods.

Police play catch Miss All clients are not legal? In the United States in many criminal cases, the police set up traps, or inducing others to commit crimes are two basic tactics. In the majority of pornography cases, the police order to obtain evidence to use more plain-clothes police fishing approach to handling the case, the Court ruled that police used the trap or inducing others to commit crimes to establish the way the detection of pornography cases is legal.

U.S. police anti-vice principal is to collect evidence, somewhere, if they offer special services for the company or individual suspicion, often will first call connection, and a start will be recording, the phone often asked whether there was full range of services. Wait until the fishing in general have a 3-4 tie in with the police action. The police who will be fishing with recording equipment, and liaison with other police communications equipment, outside the police were eavesdropping and make collusion. Come later, plainclothes police officers tend to inquiry, to do so, how much money, how much money to do so, and then made a mark in cash to the lady. Once Miss any further action, such as undressing or come up with condoms, plain-clothes police will send out signals outside the police will arrest people broke into the house.

The above example of girls being arrested that they did not have sex with the guests, while the jury has ruled that the girl has committed the crime of prostitution. In the United States a number of cases of prostitution, many of the defendants were arrested were all very surprised themselves and there is no physical contact with each other, much less contact with sexual organs, but was finally prosecuted prostitution, which in the end Why?

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