Thursday, February 18, 2010

Melbourne, Australia

If we say that Sydney is in the South Pacific, New York, Melbourne, and that can be said to be in London, the capital of Victoria - Melbourne is Australia's second largest city, which is an old city, is also Australia's economic, cultural and financial center. In addition to the famous Melbourne Cup, the inclusive wealth of landscapes, trams and the tree-lined avenue staggered, fine Victorian buildings and towering skyscrapers, have long been popular. Melbourne's population was relatively more in Australia belong to the second, a total of more than 240,000. Here the climate is temperate climate, four seasons a year. Are not too cold in winter, temperatures 10 degrees Celsius above normal summer temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius. This is a developed city, there are many tall buildings, with modern equipment. Public transport is very convenient, there are trains, trams and cars. Here is also an immigrant center. Most immigrants come to Australia to live in Melbourne and Sydney. Immigrants here started their new life, but still preserved their national traditions and customs. You want to know the Italian people's diet? Lay then went to G Street Bar. You want to know Chinese culture? Then went to Chinatown bar. Not only do Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, as well as Malaysian restaurants, Thai restaurants, Japanese restaurants and so on. Therefore, there is not only a window to understand the Chinese people, but also to understand the local people in East and Southeast Asia. Southeast of Melbourne in Australia, is a port city. The summer people most like to go to the beach to play, Melbourne There are many mountains around, so after the winter snow, but also a good place to ski. Colin Street, known as the Financial Street, is Australia's economic and financial center. Swanston Street in the commercial street --- you can buy the most fashionable clothes, the most modern appliances. Melbourne has many excellent eating and drinking places: including St Kilda, as well as in the Carlton's Nanya La Liga Na Street, Fuciluoyi of Mercedes Street, with its unique culture renowned cafes. In South gate, patrons can dine side while enjoying Yarra River views, Melbourne's Chinatown in Little Bourke Street, the choice of Chinese dishes types of many restaurants in Melbourne tram driving the streets of the market, visitors can enjoy food and Australian wines (all kinds of wine and beer), buffet of fruit juices, coffee, milk, but not prepared alcohol. Victoria is Australia's cheese (cheese), wine, meat, fish, fruit and game of the important place of origin, due to bountiful resources and a rich food culture, Melbourne naturally becoming a gourmet paradise, the best tasting locations, including: South Asia La zone St Kilda Road, Cotton District, the famous Italian cuisine zones) Legon Street, Fitzroy Central and Brunswick Street. Do not forget to take a trip to the South Gate area. Where you can enjoy its food side of the Yarra River to enjoy scenery. In addition, in the Little Bourke Street, Chinatown, there are a wide variety of Chinese cuisine.

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