Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gold Coast, Australia

In Australia's east coast, there is a stretch for 42 kilometers, composed of dozens of beautiful beach resorts, it is the famous Gold Coast of Queensland. "Gold Coast" is a sub-tropical maritime climate, year-round sunshine, air and humid all year round suitable for tourism, but the best time in August of each year to next January, when it is Australia's summer, very suitable for diving. Gold Coast is located 78 km south of Brisbane Office, an hour to reach by car. Brisbane City has a bus to reach the Gold Coast, in addition, a train can reach, of course, you can also own driving in the past, and even flew to. It is north South Port, south to Currumbin, where apart from scenic, the most characteristic is the distribution of the large number of highly interesting theme park, there are more well-known Warner Movie World, Sea World and Dream World. In the Gold Coast surfing is also an extremely attractive to visitors of water sports, in addition to farm you can go to heaven to experience Australia's most primitive way of life, drinking tea and enjoy the outdoors, local shearing show. As a well-developed scenic spots, the Gold Coast's food, lodging, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment facilities, more complete, all kinds of visitors, where they can be a different satisfaction. Gold Coast is Australia's holiday pleasure resort, where there is bright sunshine, rolling white sand beaches, clear blue water, romantic palm groves, tourist resort here where people add a lot more vitality and dynamism. The center of the Gold Coast is Surfers Paradise, where beautiful scenery, tourism facilities is complete, you can either swim in the Pacific Ocean, you can also play beach volleyball, or just lying under beach umbrella take a look at scenery, think about their minds. Come here, first of all to make people feel is this: here, people are less open. Of course, this "open" and the Brisbane, Sydney, the kind of "open" has a fundamental difference. In addition, here there is a sense of transparency under the sun. So, while surfing spot is Australia's villa in the wealthy may be in the bright sunlight, but not tell who is rich and who is poor. But also to the beach later, we all bare the body, if there was little comparable, and that only age. Arrangements for baggage handling good, then it quickly took off his clothes and go to the beach bar. At the beach, many young and old to feel the southern hemisphere, the sun bright, without compunction demonstrating his own skin, then if you are casually say hello, you can join the Australian drowned in Qiannv which will become their member.
Surfers Paradise Surfers Paradise is the center of the Gold Coast, where you can visit by boat along the canal and pleasant scenery, playing beach volleyball, swimming, surfing, going to a nearby first-class shopping stroll. Posed by rivers and canals makes the broad waters can be held here, water-skiing, gliding parachuting, sailing, surfing, driving boats and windsurfing, and other water sports, you are not a cardiogram, and also want to race on ah.
In the north of Surfers Paradise Street, about three kilometers, is the theme park, there are sharks, dolphins, sea donkey exhibition, as well as dolphin performances, in addition you can enjoy water-skiing show. As long as the paid ticket, both to see what exhibitions can take alternative modes of transport, especially from the Ocean Park in a helicopter tour price is not expensive, so it is popular, among them 10 minutes to fly over and Braudeau Surfers Paradise beach line, other lines are 5-30 minutes a day how to play within the play also could not finish. From Surfers Paradise Street, Surfers ride the bus out of here, cheap, this bus has a daily 7:00-18:30, every 30 minutes, one-way $ 1, holiday trips will be reduced, please note.

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