Monday, February 22, 2010

Open London "classic cars" of the driver

In London, the ancient streets, built a tall building; there are many crowded roads lead to a small road next to there will be thousands of historical allusion and construction. London is a microcosm of England, and perhaps a microcosm of the entire United Kingdom. Seem to remember someone said that in the world like no other place like the London old and new, beauty and ugliness, rich and poor, might co-exist with the humble.
London's well-developed transportation industry and the fascinating monuments make it a tourist destination, London, the reception of overseas tourists each year over 800 million people. Variety of ethnic skin, can be seen in London; the world's different countries, different religions, different ethnic restaurants hotels can be found here. I have to go once in London, mini-bar, go there and sit down, but unfortunately every night tired, as if no time, we regret to leave a little bar.
When I walk the streets in London, or take in a number of ponies on the road, do not see the huddle garbage; no one anywhere to urinate. Although not very bright light in those places, and people walked over, and no Wendao Na kinds of foul smell. Although Shanghai is an international metropolis, in some small way, in the light dark road in some places, often there will be distributed out of the foul smell of those unpleasant, people are sick.
So why the different races from around the world, different nationalities, after they go to London, very few of these very civilized behavior will happen? Many from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, as well as from the underdeveloped areas of Africa people, how would they go to London consciously out?

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