Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hong Kong Victoria park travel

 The Victoria park is outside Hong Kong most wealthy and powerful family park, constructed in 1955, by sports location primarily. Located at cypress rather hotel opposite. The park entrance sets up the Victoria empress bronze statue firmly, therefore names. In the garden the facility is complete, has conforms to the international standard swimming pool, the tennis court, the soccer field and other ball games location. In the park the carpet of green grass, daily early morning, has many morning calisthenics public figures to take a walk the practice Taijiquan in this. Victoria park when Chinese new year will suppose the greatest Lantern Festival market, also will be the ideal place which Mid-Autumn Festival will enjoy looking at the moon. on Sunday high noon, in the park holds has the characteristic current event debate ── city forum. This assembly imitates from the British London Hyde Park, the resident may debate with the orator, its process also in television station scene direct seeding.

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