Saturday, February 20, 2010

South Korean Jeju travel

Jeju Island is a prestigious South Korea's largest island, south of the southern coast of South Korea more than 90 kilometers, east and Japan's Kyushu Island, across the sea, to brief the Korea Strait gateway location is very important. In this area of 1800 square kilometers of the island, stands an altitude of 1950 meters the highest mountain in Korea to take Yue Han Shan, this 1007 eruption of the volcanic cone left to make Jeju Island is extraordinarily Xiongqi spectacular.
Jeju Island, the landscape is very strange, always magmatic condensate stone. The year where lava flows, forming a strange, Rong Dong, melting column, displaying the unique charm. As time goes on, Jeju Island has been covered with green equipment. A pair of trees, tall and straight rock, soil, ground Fangcaoqiqi, waterfalls like the Galaxy Fei Xie, and if the roads lead to Bailian give Jeju cast a layer of mystery.
Since ancient times, known as the island has "more than three treasures." More than 3 more than the wind, stone and more fruit trees and more Sambo is seafood, plants and dialects. The eastern part of Jeju Island is a large expanse of grassland suitable for grazing, making the island for many centuries Korea has been the main ranch. Island, a ranch occupies 8 million hectares of pastures in Asia, one of the best. Jeju Island, famous for horse breeding history, Zeng Yi, and now there are more than 3,000 horses on the island, about two-thirds of South Korea's horses. On the island a mild climate suitable for growing citrus, grapefruit and red orange, the island's Seogwipo is the center of the national citrus production. In order to protect fruit trees against the invasion of the island of the strong sea breeze and orchards around the high stone wall built.
Jeju Island, away from the peninsula, the island some of the primitive customs are still circulating. The most interesting is where you can see traces of a matriarchal society, headed, to make a living mainly by women. The "sea-woman" is probably the most typical "career women" had. They often have to sneak into the underwater reefs along the steep collecting shellfish, abalone, sea cucumbers and conch and other seafood, while the men are left at home to take care of household chores.
Jeju Island is located in the vicinity of 33 degrees north latitude, but it has a tropical climate characteristics, the highest average temperature in South Korea, where the most precipitation. A mild and humid climate and volcanic activity shaped by the out Qili colorful natural scenery, attracting thousands of domestic and overseas tourist-friendly. Jeju Island is located in the southwest Chinese, and the blue waves of the neighbors, and the white sandy beaches as partners, back Pong Tianchi Yuan scenic waterfall, is a rare tourism and health resorts. Many South Korea heads of state and government leaders have been in the Chinese villas and hotels to stay to carry out their busy way to visit the rest. Jeju Island also has the "honeymoon island", "Romantic Island," laudatory, South Korea many newlywed couples are here to spend their romantic honeymoon.

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