Saturday, February 20, 2010

North Korean Pyongyang travel

Pyongyang is a beautiful, clean, civilized, modern city, as the capital of North Korea has become the pride of the Korean people.

Pyongyang Pyongyang in Datong River downstream of the junction of the plains and hills, located foothills, stands River, with an average elevation of 84 meters, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with unique geographical location, natural scenery is very beautiful. Where climate is temperate monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, the annual average temperature of 9.7 degrees. It was an open plains of the south, east, west, north, side is rolling hills.

Urban areas are decorated with flowers and beautiful mountains - moranbong the suburbs of the city of trees verdant mountain, Mount Emei, cloud the first peaks and other scenic areas. Qing Ying green moranbong feet from the Datong River flowing through, will Pyongyang be divided into east and west of two parts, Pax River tributary - General Jiangliu through the West Pyongyang.

Pyongyang also "Liu Jing," said its meaning is "willow around the capital", which is due to the growth of the city with many willows, flows through the city of Datong River and general Jiangliang An even more willows go, the wind swaying, strokes loved. The Korean people have a special favorite of the willow, as early as the 12th century AD, a famous lyric poet, ZHENG Zhi-North Korea often has to write the "Purple Maek spring rain before, dust, fixed Stir oblique" Such praise willows quatrains, the capital of the Korean people termed his for "Willow throughout the capital," to express their feelings on the willow. Historically, Pyongyang has also had some other title, such as the Kei City, Yellow City, Xijing, West had, Gao Jing, Chang'an and so on. In addition, Pyongyang Yishanbangshui flourishing flowers and trees and beautiful scenery, since ancient times "first bound to suffer" the good name, now in the city okryugyo River Nerimitsu booth hung a plaque above the ancient literati reading " first bound to suffer "four eye-catching characters.

Today, Pyongyang City, set off a pair of flowers in the trees, tall buildings adjoining, skyscrapers, the famous Chollima Street, People's Army Street, Youth Street, Fairview Hill Street, Park Street, and so on, wide spectacular, on both sides of the trees and flowers, Zhi Fan Ye Mao to fight for Fang Tu Yan. Those standing in the street on both sides of the proliferation of high-rise buildings, the first floor are all kinds of shops, on the second floor above is residential. Each balcony tiles are piled with all sorts of colors, very beautiful. A large building complex patchwork off each other. The Korean Revolutionary Museum, the Korean Fatherland Liberation War Memorial, the Korean Workers Party Memorial Hall, the Mansudae Assembly Hall, the central industrial and agricultural exhibition hall and so on, a grand; People's Cultural Palace, the Pyongyang Grand Theater, Pyongyang gymnasium, mansudae art theater, magnificent, rich distinctive characteristics of the Korean nation.

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