Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Christmas is a sea of flowers Netherlands

Christmas is the biggest festival in Western societies, is a hot co-exist with the warm holiday. While abroad, Christmas atmosphere Jianrugaochao, people enjoy to celebrate and enjoy this festival, it prefers to explore the exotic you may wish to choose the most interesting places to look busy.

Most flower FIT

Netherlands, the world's largest flower market

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Christmas Aspect: Amsterdam is an old city, all the buildings have maintained their original style, there is no high buildings, mostly four-storey, pointed roofs, floor of the large windows, even with the housing color distinction, rather like a medieval movie set perfect. Christmas customs in Amsterdam is a microcosm of the Netherlands, the Dutch use two days to celebrate Christmas: December 25 and 26, in that the Dutch are all within two days and my family, singing, playing games, watching movies, reading Christmas fairy tales, eating Christmas dinner. A lot of people go to church to participate in the ceremony.

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