Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cairo, Egypt

Vertex is located south of Cairo, the Nile Delta, 14 kilometers, is the national political, economic and cultural center and transportation hub, Africa's largest city, an important international Air Station. The famous Al-Azhar University, Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Cairo sit falls.
Cairo is a monument over the city. 13 kilometers away from the downtown area is world-famous Giza pyramids location. Nearly 80 pyramid, scattered in the Nile downstream of the West Bank.
Cairo Mukatamu eastern slope, there is a majestic and impressive Saladin Castle. Was built in 1176, is King's crusade against Saladin's ancient architecture. Castle on Mohammed Ali Mosque, built in 1840, with the Turkish architectural style.
Cairo is a modern civilization and ancient traditions blend of East and West embraced color relative to the city. The outskirts of the desert, camels, and stands in front of the pyramid, as if the people back to three to four thousand years before the era of the pharaohs.
The famous Al-Azhar University, Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Cairo sit falls. Known as "Hollywood in the Middle East," said, annual production of 70 to 80 feature films, for the Arab States to provide a common spiritual sustenance.
Cairo has a iron and steel, petroleum, chemicals, machinery, textile and other modern factory, the National 1 / 3 of the industries are concentrated here.
Cairo, more than 30 of air lines will link Egypt and all over the world. International Fair complex in the Middle East region's largest exhibition hall, International Fair, held each spring.
Cairo is also the largest city in Africa, and many international conferences, such as the Arab Summit, the Organization of African Unity meeting, the Non-Aligned Heads of State meetings, have held here. The Arab League headquarters also is located here.
Cairo became the capital in 1801, is a monument over the city. Cairo is the ancient culture and modern civilization, the Oriental style and Western style blend city. The city has more than 250 mosques, Al-Azhar mosque, the most famous. Egyptian museum has more than 63,000 pieces of cultural relics, is the world's pearl museum. Pyramids of Giza southwest of Cairo and the Sphinx is known as one of the seven wonders of the world.
Cairo is an ancient civilization, the Nile through the urban area, a number of bridges connecting the two sides and the river island. The city has 400 various monuments, also focused on a lot of classic Arab architecture, the light will have more than 250 blocks the mosque, Muhammad Ali Mosque is one of the more ambitious one, in addition to a thousand years of history, Ai-owned Kazakhstan Fall is also a well-known mosque. The towering minarets, so Cairo, also known as "1000 Tower City."
Cairo's Egyptian Museum is a must places to go, but it is best to go to Egypt before the right to find out about the history of Egypt. Otherwise it would always leave a lot of regret later recalled. Is also a good night Nile River in Cairo, Cairo, near the Step Pyramid of the Sahara can also be a visit.
Near Cairo, there are many well-known attractions, such as the West region, southern suburb of Giza Great Pyramid and the Sphinx and so on. Attractions list: Egyptian Museum, pyramids, Memphis, Mohamed Ali mosque, sphinx, solar boat museum.

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