Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japanese Nagasaki travel

Nagasaki is located in the west end of Kyushu, and is only 800 kilometers away from Shanghai in China since ancient times is a bridge between China and Japan.
Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan capital of ancient times known as deep Eura, 12 century, Nagasaki Kotaro Shigetsuna as feudal lords, monarchs here. In the 16th century by the Portuguese request to open Hong Kong, since then, the island outside the building except China Ming Dynasty, there had been a number of the Netherlands, Portugal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Russia and other exotic construction, so far in the streets of Nagasaki, still is full of exotic, nostalgic past.
Nagasaki Since ancient times, has been the Japanese foreign exchange, opening up a gateway, but also Western culture and cultural transmission of important parts of the mainland, all to Nagasaki brought prosperity and flourish. Nagasaki as an international trading port city attracted national visitors, the opera "Madama Butterfly" is to Nagasaki as the background and subject matter.
Nagasaki had been subjected to atomic bombing in 1945, a century after the catastrophe, the heart of the explosion still barren. The fire after the explosion sphere of influence in turn expanded to 3.7 kilometers. Nagasaki were put forward the concept of elimination of nuclear weapons, hoping the early arrival of peace in the world.
Nagasaki is an important port city, an area of 241.8 square kilometers, population 450,000. Is a self-style city, there are many aspects of people full of praise. Her style of million species waiting for everyone to come to savor.
Nagasaki near the green of the sea water transparency is second to none in the world, the colorful fish swim in the colorful coral reefs. And a cliff topography, a mysterious island, beautiful scenery and natural beauty. Nagasaki is filled with tropical plants, tropical flowers and the beautiful seasons of the year. Nagasaki has many islands and peninsula rich in natural landscape, including the National Park, including the existing 10 nature parks. As early as the era of the Meiji Restoration it will have a "summer resort" and laudatory, who is widely known in Europe.
Nagasaki has many islands and peninsula rich in natural landscape, including the National Park, including the existing 10 nature parks, the beautiful scenery so that visitors were deeply moved.
Nagasaki Prefecture, including the surrounding islands, has about 30, including hot springs, the famous hot springs, surrounded by rare and spa is located in a summer resort in the mountains or in floating the seaside beach town atmosphere, these hot springs with the bounty of nature and common for people to offer unique styles and comfortable conditions for rest.
Nagasaki has also retained a number of historical exchange precious feet, bits and pieces of the church, quietly recounting the history of Christianity in Japan's distant. The beautiful scenery to visitors were deeply moved.
Natural geo-scenery coupled with the fun of hot springs, attracted the eyes of many visitors.
Main attractions list: Netherlands Business Dejima Museum Gu Zhi, Oura Catholic Church, rice Sayama, Glover Park, Huis Ten Bosch, the Peace Park, Confucius Temple, Urakami Cathedral, Japan, 26 Martyrdom of Saints, glasses bridge, Unzen obama .

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