Thursday, February 18, 2010

North Malianna Islands Dongbin:Saipan and Tinian

1, Location:
Northern Malianna Dongbin Islands - Pacific Ocean to the west - the Philippine Sea, near Guam; from Guam to Saipan and Tinian separated by about 90 nautical miles (flight time about 25 minutes).

Second, history
More than 1,500 years ago, the North Malianna Islands Chamorro peoples indigenous residents in the main, in 1521, discovered by the Portuguese navigator Magellan, it is known around the world, who has a colony of European countries after World War II, has become the United Nations Trust Territory under U.S. jurisdiction; 1975 Saipan, Tinian, Rota and other 11 islands, a referendum was held, the decision to become the United States Self-Governing Territories; until 1978, established the Northern Islands, Commonwealth Malianna self-government, the capital located in Saipan. Tinian during World War II, for the U.S. military focus; year US-Japan war, the world's first ever atomic bomb and the second atomic bombs by the U.S. military aircraft on take-off from Tinian, to invest in Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki , thereby hastening the end of World War II.

Third, the political status of
At present, North Malianna Islands is a dependent territory of the United States, the local indigenous holding a U.S. passport, subject to proper legal protection of the United States, though subject to the jurisdiction, but they enjoy a high degree of autonomy, the local Governor and the members from the House of Commons elected.

4, the population
Northern Malianna Islands resident population of about hundred thousand people.

5, travel
North Malianna is the main income to the tourism industry. Tourists mainly come from Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other major countries and regions.

6, language
The local official language is English, the indigenous language of Chamorro.

7, money
U.S. dollar currency in circulation, traveler's checks and credit cards are also widely used.

8, religion
The majority of residents are Roman Catholic and other religious minority.

9 Climate
Throughout the year in the sub-tropical marine climate, the temperature at 28 degree Celsius to 30 degrees, ideal for travel.

10, visa
Government regulations in most countries need a visa to entry the region, but the procedures for convenience, Chinese Renshi tourist visas Tinian Dynasty Hotel Shenzhen office to apply for free agency.

11, the time difference
Local than in Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan fast for two hours.

12, the voltage
Voltage of 110 volts / 60 Hz

13, communication
Program-controlled telephones and mobile phones at the local rather commonplace and can dial around the world. At the same time, the hotel also offers E-Mail online services.

14, tips
In an interview with finished service, please proportionally to give tips.

15, car rental
Car rental more convenient means of transport on the island, the airport and hotels have car rental service centers. The local government to allow holders of foreign driving license, driving a motor vehicle in North Malianna Islands.

16, defense of law and order
National defense by the United States is responsible. Island political stability, and the people simple and safe.

17, Golf Course
Saipan Ocean View five existing high-quality golf course, for those who love golf more popular a good place to play.

18, traffic
Foreign tourists to Tinian, first of all international flights to fly to the capital - Saipan, and then take ferry or helicopter or small jet aircraft (flight time is only six minutes) directly to Tinian. Shuttling between Saipan and Tinian, journey time is about 48 minutes. Saipan has a large international airport. At present, a number of international airlines have regular flights every day from the world's major cities to fly to Saipan, including Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, etc. and so on, in which especially the most frequent Japan Airlines, every day more flights between Japan to Saipan.
Tinian also has its own international airport, an area of 800 hectares, is at present only available for the Boeing 727 and 737 lift. However, the Government pledged to complete by the end of October 2002 Tianning existing airport expansion project; that time, the airport for Boeing 747 aircraft movements Tinian.

19, travel scenery
The beautiful natural beaches can be seen on Tinian, in star beach, you can pick up unique local legend, can you pray the "Xingsha." A magnificent sunrise, sunset sea dream are all spectacular. Here you can enjoy the fun experience of a variety of water sports, such as water, on motorcycles, boats parachute, water skiing, banana boat and marine fishing. In this more popular diving. Undersea coral reefs are reluctant to leave even more obsessed with diving. The world's deepest trench. Located in the central and western Pacific islands east of the North Malianna Maliyana trench is a world famous trench. As early as 1957, the USSR Academy of Sciences of the research vessel "Fei Richards" was right Maliyana trench in detail to detect and use ultrasonic sounder found in its south-west of the world's oceans in the deepest ocean depths, a high degree of up to 11,022 m.

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